Who are Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapists (CRTs)?

The Society for Cognitive Rehabilitation certifies a broad range of professionals involved in the assessment and treatment of individuals with neurologically based disturbances. The minimum educational requirement of the CRT is that of a master's degree in an allied health field from a regionally-accredited institution who are credentialed within their area of expertise, (i.e., licensure, certification or registration). In cases where credentialing is not available, therapists shall practice under the credentials of a supervisor who is also certified in the practice of cognitive rehabilitation therapy.

Professionals certified at Level I supervise professionals certified at Level II, and both work together in a collaborative manner to meet the needs of the client. The Level I therapist is ultimately responsible and accountable for the delivery of cognitive rehabilitation services. Cognitive evaluations are conducted by any individual who possesses the necessary training/certification to administer and interpret standardized cognitive assessments consistent with CRT standards as well as the accepted standards of their respective professions.

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