Benefits of SCR Membership

As a member of the SCR community, you will receive valuable benefits and ongoing access to resources to assist you professionally while connecting you with others around the world who share your professional goals.

These benefits include:

  • Recognition as member of an organization dedicated to the advancement of cognitive rehabilitation.
  • Becoming part of an international network of therapists practicing Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy (CRT).
  • Access to our member e-mail listserve, which enables you to ask any question and get cogent replies quickly, connect with cognitive rehabilitation therapists worldwide, and discuss and exchange information about current topics in CRT.
  • The opportunity to apply for Certification in the Practice of Cognitive Rehabilitation (CPCRT).
  • Ongoing access to comprehensive literature searches applicable to the field of cognitive rehabilitation therapy.
  • Receipt of the SCR International Membership Directory updated annually.
  • The opportunity to attend SCR Conferences and/or participate in SCR workshops at reduced rates, when offered.
  • The opportunity to volunteer to serve as a Board Member and/or Committee Member on the SCR Board.

We invite you to join SCR now and become a part of the growing, dynamic community of professionals from all over the world who are committed to helping people enhance the quality of their lives through cognitive rehabilitation.