About iSCR

History of iSCR

The international Society for Cognitive Rehabilitation, Inc. (iSCR) has been evolving since September 1987, when the first organizational committee met in conjunction with the First Annual Cognitive Rehabilitation Conference in Williamsburg, VA.

Over 130 clinicians representing all major disciplines in rehabilitation were in attendance, and an informal organization — The National Society for the Study of Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy (NSSCRT) — emerged from that meeting. NSSCRT held a series of organizational meetings over the next two years. In 1989, the organization was incorporated and the name of the organization was officially changed to The Society for Cognitive Rehabilitation, Inc (SCR).

Our first annual meeting of SCR took place in Richmond, VA on September 13, 1990, in conjunction with the Fourth Annual Conference of Cognitive Rehabilitation. Officers were elected and a Board of Directors was selected. 

In 2024 the SCR formed a professional affiliation with the International Brain Injury Association (IBIA) and is recognised as a Section of IBIA. This affiliation provides us with a large professional umbrella organisation to ensure good governance and to help us in our mission to promote cognitive rehabilitation. The name of the organization was changed to the International Society for Cognitive Rehabilitation (iSCR).

Membership has grown rapidly and iSCR is now represented across the USA, Canada, UK, the Netherlands, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, South Africa, India, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Greece, Mauritius, Bahrain, Spain, Lebanon Denmark, Israel, Sweden, Scotland, and Ireland.

Mission of iSCR

The mission of The international Society for Cognitive Rehabilitation (iSCR) is to:

  • Assist professionals across disciplines (e.g. counseling, education, medicine, neuropsychology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychology, recreation therapy, social work, special education, and speech-language pathology) to meet the cognitive rehabilitation therapy needs of consumers around the world.

  • Promote interdisciplinary dialogue among these different professions, engaged directly or indirectly in the practice of cognitive rehabilitation toward the creation of consensus, endorsed by those professions.

  • Promote evidence-based practices, outcome oriented research and competency-based education in cognitive rehabilitation therapy.

  • Establish guidelines, requirements and procedures for certification of cognitive rehabilitation providers.

  • Issue Certifications in the provision of cognitive rehabilitation therapy (CPCRT).

Steering Committee

Kit Malia, B.Ed, M.Phil, CPCRT


Rita Carroll, Ph.D., CBIST, CPCRT


Martje Huijben, CPCRT


Anju Vaidya-Thurlow, M.Ed.


Ron Savage, Ed. D

IBIA Liaison

Rick Parente, Ph.D., CPCRT


iSCR Standards

Since its formation, The international Society for Cognitive Rehabilitation has made a concerted effort to promote professionalism in the field of Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy (CRT) by developing standards and best practices that clearly define the duties, responsibilities, and services to be provided by cognitive rehabilitation therapists.

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