The Society for Cognitive Rehabilitation (SCR)

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SCR is a nonprofit, multidisciplinary, organization committed to the advancement of cognitive rehabilitation therapy across the globe.

Since its formation, SCR has developed standards, a code of ethics, bylaws and promoted the professionalism of the field. It is the belief of SCR that many different professional disciplines may suitably provide cognitive rehabilitation services. SCR recognizes and encourages cross-learning and interdisciplinary dialogue among the different professions involved in cognitive rehabilitation therapy (CRT), and incorporates their best practices toward the creation of consensus endorsed by those professions.

Therefore, SCR established Certification in the Practice of Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy (CPCRT) through a recognized program that assures high standards of ethical and professional practice. The CPCRT is a professional certification that is uniquely based on demonstration of clinical skills in contrast with other certifications based on written examination.

All members can access through the SCR web site the most updated literature reviews addressing cognitive rehabilitation therapy along with continuing education opportunities. In addition, we have established an information exchange system that will allow you to ask our team of experienced professionals and each other any questions in need of answers.

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In short, SCR is the most practical organization dealing with cognitive rehabilitation, and is uniquely suited to address practitioners' concerns. We invite you to learn more about us, as well as our mission and history. We welcome your feedback and look forward to welcoming you as an active member of SCR!

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